The 2 reasons why we are ‘size inclusive’

Size inclusive   Our motto is that our clothing is for all ages and body shapes, and that's not just marketing copy. Aimmea is truly "size inclusive" 🖤 It always has been, and always will be. But why is this important to us ? The 2 main reasons why we will...

Aimmea VIP Sale has begun!

Aimmea VIP Sale!If you've been following us for a while, you know that we don't participate in what we call the "70% discount craze. This has to do with our method of production. After all, our 'Fabulous Fair Fashion' is fairly made in Europe (Holland and Portugal) so...

Street photography in Amsterdam

Street photography in Amsterdam   Is the best way to showcase our clothing we think! Team Aimmea consisted this time of our regular model Joke and a new photographer, Patrick Zonneveld.   We will have new pictures very soon and because it is always fun to...

Summer designs 2023

Summer designs 2023 Our summer collection is now online in our webshop!   The new Summer designs 2023 are available! As you may know, we work a lot with pre-orders but most of the new designs are now available directly from stock. We still sometimes get asked why...

2 Important steps for us in 2023

Not only have we grown significantly in recent years, we have also made great steps in terms of sustainability.   It began in 2019 by shifting production to the Netherlands and Portugal. Later in 2020, we phased out the use of plastic and cardboard by switching...

Anti Black Friday – 4 reasons why you can shop guilt free with us

1 Fair wages and therefore fair prices Aimmea is now moving in the direction I had in mind for a long time - our reach is growing - and I regularly get asked why we don't hold a big seasonal sale or participate in Black Friday deals. My answer is always the same;...

A look behind the scenes

Photo shoot You may have seen it on social media, or else perhaps in our newsletter, we had a fabulous day at the studio last week. We had such fun during the shoot, we thought it would be nice to share a few "behind the scenes" images from that day. Besides our...

Sustainable fashion – what does it mean for Aimmea

What does sustainable fashion mean for Aimmea? Do a Google search for "what is sustainable fashion" and this is one of the first results you'll see;   "... Sustainable fashion is a collective term for fashion produced without harming people, animals, or the...

Team Aimmea behind the scenes!

Team Aimmea behind the scenes! While the photographers are processing last week's shoot, we thought it would be a fun idea to give you a behind-the-scenes look. Thanks to our models and the art director for these fabulous photos![minti_image img="70869"]The...

Looking forward to a great summer!

Looking forward to a great summer! Snow in April after spring in March doesn't matter at all! Our clothing is designed to be worn in layers so bring it on! Although of course we much prefer the sunshine! Speaking of sunshine, we introduced our new color taupe with an...

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