Not only have we grown significantly in recent years, we have also made great steps in terms of sustainability.


It began in 2019 by shifting production to the Netherlands and Portugal. Later in 2020, we phased out the use of plastic and cardboard by switching to biodegradable mailers and garment bags.

In addition, starting in 2021, we committed to using haberdashery and materials from Europe and further expanded local production. As of mid-2022, we only work with print and label suppliers within Europe and have begun to focus more on fabrics from Europe with certificates.

As the year draws to a close, it is time to take 2 very important next steps;

  • The use of 100% fabrics from Europe and,
  • Offering climate-neutral parcel delivery


1. European fabric

Producing clothes in Europe is 1 thing, but having clothes made in Europe from European fabrics is quite another. You can probably imagine how important it is because you don’t really reduce your mileage until both are done locally. So it has been a great desire of mine for a long time – and even though it is a difficult step – now is the time for it.

It is difficult because it limits the choice of fabrics I can use for my designs. Still, the timing is perfect because I notice that more and more suppliers are including European fabrics in their assortment. And truly the most wonderful fabrics are made in our neighboring countries! Just wait until you see what we are currently working on! There are such great things coming up!

Furthermore, one of our clothing producers in Portugal has the option of having their own Ecovero viscose stretch fabric made from wood sourced from FSC certified forests. The bottom line is that our most widely used fabric will soon not only come from Europe but also be good for the environment. And that is a very big and important step toward more sustainable production. By the way, we currently already have a number of items in our webshop made from this Ecovero fabric.


2. The last mile

” The last mile” is a term that refers to the final stage in the delivery process of online shopping – delivery to your home. And because that last mile has a very high impact on the environment, we decided to offer climate-neutral delivery in our webshop starting in January. DHL is going to implement this climate-neutral delivery for us by using electric vans in many neighborhoods in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, electric delivery will not yet be possible everywhere in every neighborhood for various reasons. The main reason is that the electric vans will be introduced incrementally, after all, it is not good for the environment to scrap good, diesel vans en masse either. By the way, these vans do run on sustainable diesel (HVO100) at DHL.

For now we will offer both options in our shop, so both PostNL and DHL, after a while we will evaluate how it goes. We hope this new option will add to your shopping pleasure with us because that’s what it’s all about.


In fact, with us, you can truly shop online guiltfree!


I hope you find this a good development, feel free to let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Love! Maria




2 Important steps for us in 2023