Photo shoot

You may have seen it on social media, or else perhaps in our newsletter, we had a fabulous day at the studio last week.

We had such fun during the shoot, we thought it would be nice to share a few “behind the scenes” images from that day.

Besides our trusted model Joke, we like to show how our clothes look on other models with different bodyshapes. So Jam and Nanny joined in on the fun this time.

A look behind the scenes
Joke, Zala and Maria consider which next look to shoot

New photos

We expect the first photos in the third week of September, check back on our websitesoon as there will be new pre-orders as well!

PS: Have you seen the updated features in the webshop yet? For example, you can now filter by popularity of a product and the categories have been improved as well. Also, the scroll function on mobile is improved making it easy to flick through the images.

As mentioned above, we will be coming soon with new photos, we are very curious to hear your opinion, please let us know on Facebook or Instagram, we love to hear from you! 🖤🖤🖤

See you soon!
Team Aimmea