As far as we are concerned, clothing should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable, if you feel comfortable you shine the most! But quality and sustainability are also important to us. That is why we produce 100% within Europe, in Portugal and in The Netherlands.

Besides limited editions we have a continuous basics collection to which new designs are added. Designs that can be combined with designs of previous seasons.

Aimmea’s designs are ageless, and where possible sizeless and made for both small and large sizes. There are no rules for what you should and should not wear at any age or size.


“Being comfortable and feeling carefree while looking fabulous is what it is all about”

About us


We produce 100% within Europe, of which more than 85%  in the Netherlands. We work with larger production locations and smaller fashion studios. We do this to limit the number of kilometers your clothing travels from our production location to your front door as much as possible. But also because it allows us to have more control over the working conditions so that our clothing is made ‘fair’.

Our fabrics and materials also come from Europe as much as possible in order to further limit our CO2 footprint.

  • The viscose mix fabrics we use a lot for our Aimmea | Using basics come from Europe
  • The jacquard fabrics we use for our limited editions are made in Italy
  • The viscose stretch fabric we use for our extra long stretch blouse also comes from Italy
  • The jersey fabric of our arm warmers and the maxi sweaters comes (for now) from China, just like the non-woven Rayon fabric
  • The buttons of our blouses are made from recycled material from 2021 and come from Lithuania
About us

Why ‘for now’ from China; In mid-2019 and throughout 2020, together with our production location in Portugal, we looked for a fabric producer for our popular viscose mix jersey fabric that we use for our maxi sweaters. Unfortunately, we were unable to find this fabric in time for the production run of #AW21. So we decided to order the fabric again from China so that we can meet the expectations of having the sweaters back in stock. At the same time, we continue to search for a suitable supplier of the fabric in Portugal so that we can achieve our goal of using only fabrics and materials from Europe.



At the end of 2019 we switched to environmentally friendly shipping packaging. We first opted for packaging made from recycled material based on polythene from Reverte. Although these mailers are broken down after use, they are not completely broken down. Microplastics remain that are actually not good for the environment.

We therefore opted for a truly compostable Wastebasted  mailer at the beginning of 2021 that is just as strong as a plastic mailer and just as waterproof. This mailer is biodegradable and compostable. That is because it doesn’t contain polyethylene. This new mailer is made from cornstarch and a mix of two bioplastics, PLA and PBAT, and printed with non-toxic inks. You cannot recycle this mailer, you can process it in the bio-bin. So it is a full CO2-negative compostable mailer!

We will use up our gray polythene bags and gradually move to the new cornstarch mailer. We also use white boxes for larger orders until they are gone.



We work together with a permanent team for our photo shoots and because we can’t always give everyone the credit they deserve, here’s a summary; The photographer of our editorials is the talented Mariska Kerpel, www.mariskakerpel.com  The studio shoots are done in Naarden at Easyshoots. Our regular model is Joke Meier, you can follow her on instagram as @dressandgo.nl. In April 2021 we collaborated with Anne-Roos from Maxime models. The make-up for our photo shoots is done by Rene Ferreira in South Africa and Zala Youssufzay in the Netherlands.


As mentioned above, we produce 100% within Europe at larger production locations and at smaller fashion studios. At TRYPORT in Portugal we have been producing the larger runs of our Aimmea | Basics since 2019. Mainland Kledingproductie and DVS Confectie take care of the production in The Netherlands. In addition, we now work with 5 small fashion studios that mainly make the limited editions for us.



We think it’s perfectly normal to do your best for the planet and the people who live on it. That is why we do not have any certification on our website. And because we can always do better, we keep looking for solutions. In the course of 2021, for example, we will switch to transparent product bags from Wastebased that are biodegradable, this non-toxic storage bag dissolves in boiling water in seconds! And so there are many more improvements that we can continue to make.

About us
About us