Bittersweet farewell to summer!

Bittersweet farewell to summer!

It’s always bittersweet having to say goodbye to summer, but at the same time we crave for cardigans, boots and scarves.

And luckily those are back in stock!

The v-neck sweater and cardigan together with the maxi scarf are all available immediately!

And to start right away with the new VIP Promo, the maxi scarf can only be ordered this month with a 25% VIP discount!

Bittersweet farewell to summer!



The maxi and midi sweaters and the thin, soft maxi cardigan will be in stock mid to late October, a few weeks later than expected (sorry!!) but luckily there is also a lot of new stuff in there al


Including the high top sneakers and the top with choker scarf are all in stock now.

Batch 1 is already sold out!

Our latest design, the stretch jacket, is almost completely sold out in round 1. We are very happy that the jacket is so popular because we love it too!

The jackets are expected next week, after which we will soon send all pre-orders. And of course we have already ordered batch 2.

So if you like the jacket, order quickly, you’ll be on time for batch 2 and you don’t have to wait for the 3rd.

Tunic jacket, time limited pre-order

Bittersweet farewell to summer!


We have again managed to get hold of a very beautiful Italian jacquard fabric. This time we are going to make 3 different jackets that will all be temporarily available as a pre-order.

This jacket will therefore not be in stock. It is made especially for you when you order it. You can order this jacket during the whole month of October, after that we will no longer accept orders. You will then receive the jacket sometime in November.

If you order now, you will receive the jacket in a week or two

That’s it for this newsletter, we really hope you liked

the pictures of our new models as much as we did!

Thanks again for reading and have a great month!

Team Aimmea