Dec 02

December VIP Promo and a few other things

December VIP Promo

It is Sunday morning early, December 2 and I am trying to find out how the blog works on my new website. I spent a lot of hours in front of the computer this week to prepare the new site. And I did not have much time to think about what the VIP Promo of December is going to be.

Frankly, I have not really thought enough about the future VIP Promos. My fashion label has become popular in a very short time. I have to admit that I am a little behind the facts.


So I ask for a bit of patience. Patience because I do not have all winter jerseys in stock, patience because new designs are not immediately stocked. And also patience because I want to come up with new designs much faster than is possible right now.


I can promise that I am working hard to get everything going very quickly because we are planning ahead. On 16 January a large shipment of our winter jersey will arrive at our supplier of the sweaters, and they will get started with a few more winter designs, but also a lot of our sweaters and tunics for that nice in-between weather days. The three-quarter sleeve sweaters and the vest among others.

And while our supplier in South Africa will be busy with this, a company in the Netherlands is busy preparing a sample collection for the spring. I’m not revealing too much yet, but you can count on a lovely fabric and some nice tunics and trousers.

Photo shoot

And then about our last photo shoot. The model I chose attracted a lot of attention, I even got a notification from Google because the website was so crowded that they called it an ‘anomaly’ and I got an alert!

Anyway, the reactions were very positive but there were also a lot that were negative. Not everyone who is a fan of Aimmea was a fan of Mathilde, that’s the name of the lady in question. What I wanted to achieve with her as a model is to show people that Aimmea is for everyone. Whether you are old or young. Thick or thin. Long or short (yes, many of our designs can be worn if you are not tall) In short, Aimmea is for everyone who likes comfortable, edgy clothing.

Every time we choose a different model to work with, perhaps for 1 shoot, maybe for a couple. But the goal remains to show everyone that Aimmea is diverse and that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

On Friday 7 December we have a new test shoot. We test a model for the photo shoot in February when we have finished with the sample collection for the spring. You can still give up by the way, if not for this shoot or for another.

And last but not least, the November VIP Promo. That is our maxi fleece sweater. All our loyal VIPs receive a 50% discount on this wonderfully soft winter sweater. Valid in December and while stocks last. The VIP discount code is provided every month in our newsletter.

For now, thank you for reading !