Aimmea was founded by Maria Nijhout in Amsterdam as an independent fashion label.

Aimmea stands for quality, comfort and sustainability.

This is why we have a continuous collection to which new designs are added. Designs that can be combined with the designs of the previous season. We produce in Portugal and in the Netherlands and use almost exclusively fabrics made in Europe. And most importantlt, everyone who works for Aimmea gets paid a fair wage.

Aimmea’s designs are ageless, and where possible sizeless. There are no rules for what you should and should not wear at any age or size. Being comfortable and feeling carefree is what it is all about. Our designs are for those who likes to be themselves and don’t care for short lived trends or mainstream looks.

Aimmea | Basics consists of designs that will return season after season and will be re-stocked.

Our Limited editions however are unique and never return when sold out. Our VIPs always get priority on these limited editions. They often become available through a pre-order announced in our VIP Group. Usually pre-orders come in stock within two weeks.

Our accessories are handmade in Amsterdam or purchased from our reliable suppliers within Europe. We select on integrity, authenticity and quality.