Established in Amsterdam as an independent fashion label where we in smaller quantities produce from day one. We do not sell seasonal collections but add new items to existing ones. We strive to make high quality clothing for everyone who doesn’t care much for short lived trends or mainstream looks.

Our designs are ageless as there are no rules to what you can or can not wear. Comfortable and carefree being is what it is all about.

Aimmea delivers ageless designs that are simple and easy to care for. Attention to detail and quality makes each piece not only authentic in comfort but original in style.

Aimmea gravitates towards minimalism with monochrome tunics, blouses and sweaters; finding beauty in simplicity. Our design-style celebrates individuality and self-expression.

Aimmea | Basics consists of designs that will return season after season and will be re-stocked when sold out.

Our Limited editions however are unique and never return when sold out. Our VIPs always get priority on these limited editions via our Aimmea VIP Facebook groep.

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