Looking forward to a great summer!

Snow in April after spring in March doesn’t matter at all! Our clothing is designed to be worn in layers so bring it on!

Although of course we much prefer the sunshine!

Speaking of sunshine, we introduced our new color taupe with an eye toward sunny weather next season. We can already see ourselves sitting on a terrace in the sun!

This color pairs just as easily with black as it does with white. Which combination do you prefer?

And have you seen our new chunky boots yet? Made in Italy from genuine leather and with the chunky sole a special eye-catcher for this season! Available in black and in white!


New in!

We have no less than 6 new arrivals! Including a new maxi dress from Italy that fits up to size 4 and a fitted stretch dress from Finland specially designed for those who like oversized a little less.

Both Wendy and Desiree (our newest model) were totally happy with the maxi dress (see photos below), we were all laughing in the studio!

The fitted dress is available in 5 sizes and a few more sizes are coming in next week because it’s flying out the door! Order ahead because this dress is limited in supply.

The extra oversized maxi v-neck dress is back in stock. This dress fits nice and roomy even at size 5 and is now also available in the color taupe.

Please note! Our stock is limited, we have many new designs but per designs the numbers are limited. For example, the white v-neck t-shirt is already almost out. We’re going to restock them but if you want it now, order it now.

If you want to know what is expected soon click here!


At the end of April, we will again raffle off an Aimmea | Basics (of your choice!) among those who give us a review (or already gave us one) on Google.

A good review helps us stand up a little against the big boys online and we need it badly! Aimmea is growing fast but every little bit helps!

So if you’ve bought something from us, let us know on Facebook or on Google what you thought of it and get a chance to win a free Aimmea | Basics and anyway our eternal gratitude!!!

Have fun shopping and lots of love from us!

Wishing you a super awesome month!
Team Aimmea