Dec 02

November VIP Promo

We are happy!

Because since the end of October Aimmea is now also available in the store at Dani Mode in Alkmaar. A few months ago I was shown on Facebook on Dani Mode and I contacted them. It is always so nice when it clicks immediately and you see that my clothes just belong there.

After we announced it on Facebook, a number of you went straight to Dani Mode, which is really great. Then your brand immediately makes a good impression at such a new boutique. We really want to expand and get into stores close to our customers so if you know a nice boutique that would suit us, please let me know!

November VIP Promo

I have been thinking about the November VIP Promo for a long time. It was a tough one because I always want to spoil my loyal VIPs, but it must be possible. But since the cold weather has really started, it suddenly became very simple. If you want to know what the November VIP Promo is, sign up for our newsletter and receive the monthly newsletter in your inbox. Sometimes we give away something, sometimes you get an extra VIP discount on a certain item in our online shop.

Photo shoot

The date of our shoot is getting closer! I am therefore busy evaluating the new samples and putting the last dots on the i. Once that has happened they will come to Amsterdam and we will make something very cool!

Thank you for reading now!