Pre-ordering – reliable and easy



Pre-order, why we accept them


  • We can offer more different designs by accepting pre-orders
  • As a result, we counteract overproduction and thus produce sustainably
  • It also helps us remain a healthy company by not having too much stock
  • Our VIPs really enjoy the pre-fun of ordering ahead of time!


Why would you place a pre-order?


  • We usually receive our stock in smaller batches, this way you don’t miss out!
  • Sometimes it is a limited edition and only available once
  • Ordering ahead gives you priority, you receive your item first
  • Sometimes you pay less, we share this news in our newsletter


How to place them?


  • You order as usual when it says ‘available on backorder’
  • When you order ahead you also pay ahead, because only then a pre-order is valid
  • If you choose to pay with Klarna, you pay 30 days after placing your order
  • Please note! If a pre-order takes longer than 30 days, Klarna will ask for payment before you receive your order
  • When the item will be available is stated on the product pages and in your account after placing a pre-order


If you have any questions, team Aimmea is here for you


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Pre-ordering - how it works