Quality and Sustainability

 We care as much about stylish fashion as we do about the planet and the people who live on it.

This is why everyone who works for us is paid fairly and we make an effort to use environmentally friendly products and materials. We select our suppliers carefully and on the same principles – making quality and sustainability a key aspect of our brand.

Read our blog post about the subject.

Quality and Sustainability

door | aug 27, 2019

Improve the world, start with yourself. It is a motto I have lived by all my adult life. Even though my contribution has only a very small impact, if everyone did it … Slightly trite perhaps, but certainly no less true. What I was already doing privately (recycling and making conscious choices) I also wanted to implement at Aimmea. So from the beginning, I have always pursued the most sustainable way of producing and sourcing. Read the entire blog post

Quality & Sustainability

1. Fabric & Production


It is important to us to oversee the quality of production and ensure work environments are up to our standards, This is why we produce 100% within Europe. The closer the location the better our knowledge about the production proces is.

Another reason to produce locally is to reduce the carbon footprint. Equally important is the use of fabrics & materials sourced from within Europe and with certification.

At the moment 90% of our fabric comes from within the European Union and 99% of those fabrics has certification. In fact only the fabric used for our stretch trousers and baggy trousers come from outside Europe. We will finish our current stock and for the next production run we will purchase a similar but sustainable variant.

At the moment the fabrics with certifications are the following (you can filter on them in our webshop)


  • Oeko-Tex 100 (free of harmful substances)
  • GOTS (textile processing standard for organic fibres)
  • Ecovero (sustainable viscose)


We use viscose lycra for many of our designs. In the first half of 2023 we will switch completely to the sustainable Ecovero viscose fabric for the production of our stretch designs. The woodpulp used for this fabric comes from FSC  certified forests. If you are interested in knowing which certificate a design has, you can filter on the different certificates in our webshop.


2. Environmentally packaging

As mentioned above, we care about our planet and every creature living on it. For us it is important to use as little plastic and paper as possible.

  • Our mailers are from Noissue.co, these mailers are 100% compostable and contain 0% plastic (also no microplastic),
  • The product bags we use for our clothing produced in The Netherlands are also from Noissue.co and also biodegradable.
  • Our thank you cards are printed on recycled paper and our logo stickers will soon be printed on PVC-free transparent stickers. This means they will be recyclable, currently we are still using old stock.

3. Future


To further ensure quality and sustainability at Aimmea we are aiming to only use fabrics and materials from within Europe and with certification before the end of 2023.

Another next step is to have all our production locations use the biodegradable product bags – not just in The Netherlands as we do now.

We will continue to search for environmentally friendly solutions in our production processes wherever we can.

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Quality & Sustainability