Summerrrrr!! (yes, let’s stay positive!)


And we think that calls for a summer give-away!!

We love seeing photos of you in your Aimmea outfit in the Facebook VIP group, so we came up with a raffle for it.

More about this at the bottom of this newsletter.



Since the last newsletter (how time flies!) the halter dresses have arrived. We get a lot of lovely messages about it, thank you so much! The dress is popular, that makes us very happy. Some sizes are already running out. This dress will not be back in stock this season!


On May 28 we did another street photoshoot in Amsterdam. And how lucky we were with the weather!! It was the first beautiful day in a very long time and together with Joke (model) and Mariska (photographer) we had a very nice day!

We share the photos on Facebook and Instagram, and a small selection here.




Loose-fitting clothing cools you down! Did you know that? And although our clothing is nice and spacious, not everything is equally spacious for everyone. And that’s why our v-neck dress is made extra oversized. Wear this dress with a skirt or trousers underneath if you are a bit taller yourself. The dress is available as a pre-order.

By the way, we are working hard to add more different types of garments for different sizes and body lengths. And that also means that we will be working with more different models.

More on this soon!


The summer giveaway!

Ok, more about the summer give-away, take a picture of yourself (or ask a friend) while wearing Aimmea and post this picture in the Facebook VIP group with a nice description. For example what you were doing at that moment and who you were with. The more fun your story is, the sooner people will like your photo! Are you going on vacation? Ideal oportunity for a photo!

The VIP group is protected from the rest of Facebook so your photo remains private and only VIPs can see the photo. And if you tag someone, they can only see it if they are also a member of the group.

Post your photo whenever you want, but we’d love to see photos coming in all summer long! And yes, you can definitely post multiple times. The more the better! The post with the most likes wins automatically! (if there are posts with the same number of likes, we will choose the winner from those posts)

The winner can choose an item of clothing from the entire collection, including limited editions and accessories. You can post your photo from now on (CLICK HERE) until August 31st! We will announce the winner in the September newsletter.

Do you have questions? Email us at

We are looking forward to seeing the photos! Exciting!!!



VIP Promo July

This month we are giving a 10 euro VIP discount on our a-line skirts. The black and also the beige are included. This skirt is available in 2 lengths and in two sizes and fits up to size 5. There are not very many in stock.

Instead of € 69.95 you now temporarily pay € 59.95.

Review give away

A big thank you to everyone who gave us a review! It helps us a lot!! And the winner is …. Angelique de Groot! Congratulations!! We send a nice Aimmea | Basics to you!

Thanks again for reading and we wish you a great month!
Love! Team Aimmea