Team Aimmea



Aimmea was founded in 2018 by Maria Nijhout, she is owner & head designer.

Aimmea Support

Our support department is ready to answer all your questions regarding ordering and returns. Most questions are done via e-mail but you can always give us a call. Our team will be happy to advise you about the best size for you and the expected delivery date of pre-orders.


As mentioned before, Maria Nijhout is our chief designer. All Aimmea | Basics and Limited Editions are designed by her personally, after which she plans and coordinates the production. In addition, she is always busy expanding the production locations and fabric suppliers.


Our Marketing team makes sure that Aimmea is presented the right way in the various media such as the website, (online) advertising, PR; strategic and promotional partners, newsletters and social media.In 2018, I began designing clothing for Aimmea that I love to wear myself. Currently, I get just as much inspiration from my sweet customers who share their joy of clothing with me through social media and our VIP group.

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