General Terms and Conditions Aimmea B.V. 

  1. General
    Aimmea B.V.  uses PostNL as well as local couriers to deliver the products. The customer will receive a tracking- number, which is used for tracing the parcel and information on the status of delivery. In case the customer is not available on the time of delivery, a message with details when the next second delivery-attempt will take place is left behind. In case the customer is not able to receive this delivery either, a message is left behind with details where to pick up the parcel, on most cases that will be the nearest post-office. The products ordered at the web shop from Aimmea B.V. are insured until the moment of delivery at the customers address. Complaints concerning the condition, in which the products are received, should be given to Aimmea B.V. within 2 working days after the delivery took place.  This can be done with an email or to Returns will be only accepted within 14 days after receiving the goods.


  1. Delivery Time
    Custom Designed Clothing
    – delivery time 30 days

Ready Made Clothing
– delivery time 1 – 7 days

Urgent Orders
– delivery time 3 days
– on request only

– delivery time 7 days

Shipping Costs
– shipping costs within The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium are free of charge

Other countries
– shipping cost to Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain the European Union is 13 euro. All other locations pay a flat fee of 25 euro per order.


– Return costs are to be paid by the customer

Delivery Address & Billing Address
Naturally the order can be delivered at a different address than the billing address,
though this needs to be mentioned when placing the order.

Article 1. General

1.1 Aimmea B.V. occurs as a producer and supplier of clothing; dresses, jackets, trousers, skirts, shirts and accessories.

1.2 Aimmea B.V. deals with production and supplying of above mentioned goods.

Article 2. Definitions

In the present General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter to be referred as: Conditions), the following terms are used in the sense given below, unless explicitly indicated otherwise

Buyer: every natural person or legal person who contacts Aimmea B.V. for realization of an Agreement.

Agreement: any agreement established between Aimmea B.V. and buyer, any change or addition as well as all the (legal) acts involving the preparation and implementation of that Agreement; Products: dresses, jackets, trousers, skirts, shirts and accessories.

Services: by or on behalf of Aimmea B.V. provided services, whether or not related
to the products and offered services as specified in the Agreement; Order: means any command of the buyer to Aimmea.

Announcement: any notice of Aimmea B.V. to buyer, including – but not limited to -, brochures, advertisements, catalogues, offers, order confirmations, price lists, invoices, E-mail, faxes and letters.

Force majeure: means any external circumstance, be it envisaged or not, on which Aimmea B.V. cannot have any influence but which prevents Aimmea B.V. from totally or partly fulfilling its obligations towards buyer or the fulfilment of its obligations cannot reasonably be required. These conditions also include: industrial action, or other problems during the production by Aimmea B.V. or its suppliers
and/or its own or through third parties provided transport and/or government procedures, telecommunication failures, as well as the absence of any licenses to be given by any government.

Article 3. Application of these conditions

3.1 The stipulations of the present terms and conditions shall apply to each and every offer and agreement between Aimmea B.V. and buyer, to which Aimmea B.V. has declared the present terms and conditions applicable, insofar as parties have not explicitly deviated from the present terms and conditions in writing.

3.2 The general applicability of any specific terms or conditions of the buyer will expressly be rejected by Aimmea, unless agreed upon otherwise in writing.

Article 4. Offers, and creation of the Agreement and indications of the products

4.1 An offer or a listing of (price) notification does not bind Aimmea B.V. and shall be free of obligation unless explicitly stated otherwise.

4.2  Aimmea B.V. shall be allowed among others, to charge on price increases if changes in price have occurred, between the moment the offer was made and the moment of execution of the agreement based on prices of goods & services provided by third parties.

4.3 An agreement will be realized only after the acceptance of the buyer and confirmation of acceptance by Aimmea. Aimmea B.V. is entitled to refuse orders or certain conditions to the delivery, unless otherwise specified. If an order is not accepted, Aimmea B.V. will announce this within ten (10) days after receipt of the order.

4.4 The declarations of numbers, specifications, and/or other indications of the Products by Aimmea B.V. have been carefully made. Aimmea B.V. cannot guarantee though that no deviations will occur.

Article 5  Prices / Payments and Replacements

5.1 The listed prices for the products and services are in Euro, including VAT and postage and handling, excluding any taxes and other government levies or other charges unless specified and/or agreed upon in writing otherwise.

5.2 If the buyer fails to fulfill his obligations (in due time) or defaults on them, then all reasonable costs incurred to have all extrajudicial costs and debts paid shall be borne by the buyer. If the buyer remains in default of payment within the set time period, he forfeits a immediately payable fine of fifteen percent (15%) on the amount due at the moment. Buyer shall owe Aimmea B.V. interest over the made collection charges. If the buyer is in default with any payment, Aimmea B.V. is entitled to suspend or dissolve the concerned agreement and other related agreements.

5.3 Payment should be made without discount or compensation beforehand, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

5.4 Payment can be done on (one of) the following way(s): advance payment by bank or by cash payment. Further payment conditions might be added to the order. When paying by bank, the date of the payment is the date of crediting the bank account of Aimmea. If paid within 8 days this interest may be deducted. If paid after 30 days per month, per month the interest will be charged
equal to the amount of the invoice.

5.5 In the case of purchases of non-measure clothing or accessories, the buyer has the possibility for exchanging of these purchased goods, but only if reported within 48 hours via E-mail and/or telephone. To be eligible for replacement, the unused items should be provided undamaged,
with original packaging and price charts.

5.6 Sale and/or discounted articles are excluded from exchange.

Article 6. Deviations and Supplements

6.1 Colors of articles due to monitor settings may differ from the actual color of the product. Deviations  of and supplements to any provision in an Agreement and/or conditions apply only if they are written by Aimmea B.V. , and relate only to the concerned Agreement.

6.2 We do not guarantee a delivery date. Obviously we do our best to manufacture your clothing/accessory within the prescribed time to deliver. The delivery date or crossing them cannot be a reason to cancel the purchase.

 Article 7. Delivery time

7.1 If Aimmea B.V. has given a term of delivery, it shall only be indicative. A give term of delivery shall therefore never constitute a term to be observed on penalty of forfeiture of rights. A delivery term is based on valid circumstances at the time the offer has been made and, depending on performance from suppliers of Aimmea B.V. , the information that Aimmea B.V. has been given these suppliers.

7.2 If, in the framework of the execution of the agreement, Aimmea B.V. requires data to be given by the buyer, the term of delivery shall commence after the buyer has provided Aimmea B.V. with said data.

7.3 Declared delivery times will never be regarded as a deadline, unless agreed upon otherwise in writing.

7.4 If the buyer refuses to take delivery or fails to give the information or instructions necessary to the delivery, Aimmea B.V. shall be entitled to store the goods at the buyer’s risk and expense.

7.5 In case of crossing the delivery term, the buyer has no right at any compensation for damages or injury.

7.6. Aimmea B.V. shall be entitled to deliver the goods in parts, unless such is deviated from in writing in the agreement or if the partial delivery does not represent an independent value. Aimmea B.V. shall be entitled to invoice the thus delivered goods separately.

Article 8. Delivery and Risk

8.1 Aimmea B.V. provides the way of dispatching, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

8.2 The risk of loss of, or damage to the products being subject of the agreement, shall be transferred to buyer the moment said products are judicially and/or actually delivered to buyer and therefore fall into the power of buyer or of third parties to be appointed by buyer.

8.3 The buyer is held to receive the purchased goods at the time of delivery. Failing this, the goods will be returned and stored on account and risk of the buyer. Aimmea B.V. will inform the buyer about time and place of storage and buyer will collect the goods as soon as possible but no later than within 10 working days.

8.4 When the buyer does not collect the goods in time, without any notice he will be in default. Aimmea B.V. is in that case entitled to store and save the goods on the account and risk of the buyer or Aimmea B.V. is entitled, on behalf of the buyer, to sell the goods to third parties. The buyer nevertheless remains responsible for paying the costs and cancellation charges related with this Agreement.

Article 9. Retention of Title

9.1 All goods delivered to the buyer, shall remain Aimmea B.V. s property until buyer has fulfilled all its
obligations under all agreements with Aimmea. The obligations mentioned here are the payment of all amounts, including any interest and costs)that the buyer owes Aimmea B.V. for all delivered goods and (to be) provided services under conditions of the Agreement. As well as matters actions for the shortcomings in the performance of that Agreement.

9.2 The buyer shall undertake to insure the goods delivered subject to retention of title and to keep them insured against damage and buyer shall not be authorized, as long as the buyer has not fully fulfilled its obligations towards Aimmea, to pledge or encumber in any way the goods falling under the retention of title, unless agreed upon otherwise by Aimmea.

9.3 In case Aimmea B.V. completely or partly dissolves the order, Aimmea B.V. is entitled to take back the
unpaid part of delivered goods. Dissolution and/or taking back of the goods, does not affect Aimmea B.V. s right on reparation of damages.

Article 10. Liability

10.1 If the goods delivered by Aimmea B.V. are defective, Aimmea’s liability versus the buyer shall be
limited to the arrangements made in the present terms and conditions under “Guarantee”.  ‘

10.2 The buyer shall be held to examine the delivered goods (to have the delivered goods inspected) the moment of delivery
(handing over), but in any case in as short a period of time as possible (within 24 hours is preferable).
In this respect, the buyer must examine whether the quality and the quantity of the delivered goods complied with what was agreed upon, or at least whether they meet the requirements applying to said goods in normal (business) transactions (regarding:
fabric, model, lining and design).

10.3 Only if it is demonstrated that the products do not come up to the expectations according to the Agreement, in terms of fitting and quality defects, Aimmea B.V. has the choice to fix/repair the products when returned, or either to replace it by a new product or to refund the paid invoice.

Article 11. Complaints

11.1 A complaint means all grievances from buyer according to the state and quality of the delivered goods.

11.2. The buyer shall be held to examine the delivered goods, repaired clothes or materials on shortcomings and/or damages, at the moment of delivery.

11.3. The buyer shall be held to examine the goods, at the moment of completing the order, to check whether the execution is according the conditions of the agreement.

11.4. Small differences in color, as far as this reasonably cannot be avoided,  will not entitle the buyer to hand in a complaint.

11.5. Possible visible shortcomings must be communicated in writing to Aimmea B.V. within twenty four (24) hours following delivery. Non-visible shortcomings must be reported within three (3) days following their detection.

11.6. In case of a legitimate complaint, Aimmea B.V. is only required to replace or repair
the product as soon as possible. Although Aimmea B.V. shall never be liable for indirect damage to the buyer or third parties. Buyer might be charged for possible costs for replacing or repairing the goods.

Article 12. Guarantee – materials

12.1 Aimmea B.V. guarantees that the delivered clothing meets the needs of the Agreement. Aimmea B.V. also guarantees that this clothing has the right quality and features, for everyday use as stated in the Agreement, as well for special use as far as that has been agreed upon.

12.2 Aimmea B.V. only guarantees the materials used and delivered by Aimmea B.V. itself. Unless agreed upon differently, Aimmea B.V. the guarantee on the products will be valid for a period of 2 months starting from the date & time of delivery to the customer.

12.3 Warranty claims include only the replacing of, respectively, the repairing of the affected materials.

12.4 Aimmea B.V. does not guarantee defects caused by usage of the products/clothing outside their intended use or lack of carefulness, or defects caused by changes made to the clothing by consumer or other parties.

12.5. Aimmea B.V. does not guarantee defects caused by changes made to the clothing by the buyer.

Article 13 Guarantee – adjustment work

13.1 Aimmea B.V. stands for durability, as well is the quality of its adjustment work,
taking into account all which is specified elsewhere in these general Terms and Conditions.

13.2 Aimmea B.V. guarantees the adjustments work which is provided, only under the following conditions:

    • The buyer followed the washing instructions given by Aimmea B.V. , to prevent and avoid shrinkage, color differences
      or other damage of the clothing and/or materials.
    • The clothing or materials are pinned of by an employee of Aimmea B.V. and by given the order to Aimmea B.V. ,
      the buyer agrees on the changes/adjustments.
    • The clothing is tried on by the buyer and/or materials are examined by the buyer at time of delivery/pick-up, but in any case
      within 24 hours after the receiving the products.
      Possible visible shortcomings must be reported to Aimmea B.V. , by phone or verbally.

13.5 If the costs for the adjustment work are not covered within the guarantee, because the buyer did not meet the requirements as mentioned in the guarantee conditions, Aimmea B.V. is entitled to fully charge the buyer for the costs of the repair and/or adjustment work based on prices to be defined by Aimmea B.V. , either give the buyer a discount


Article 14. Guarantee – general

14.1 If the guarantee given by Aimmea B.V. concerns a good produced by a third party, the guarantee shall be limited to the guarantee given by the producer of the good.14.2 The guarantee contains exclusively that Aimmea B.V. will deal with shortcomings to the best of its ability as well replace these products by choice and judgement of Aimmea.

14.3 Products subject to normal erosion do not fall under given guarantee.

14.4 Unless agreed upon otherwise, with respect to goods manufactured by Aimmea B.V. the guarantee is valid for a
period of two months from the date of delivery.

14.5 During the period of guarantee the supplier of Aimmea B.V. can extend the guarantee or Aimmea
– by choice- can follow and execute the guarantee of its supplier towards the customer.

14.6 The obligations guaranteed by Aimmea B.V. counts as the only complete indemnity.
To further obligations Aimmea B.V. cannot be kept, nor the buyer is entitled to dissolve the Agreement.

14.7 Repairs of products beyond the scope of the valid guarantee will be charged by Aimmea B.V. .

14.8 In case of repair of defect products within the guarantee, the buyer is obliged to pay the costs for shipping the products to Aimmea B.V. or a different address to be specified by Aimmea.

14.9 If buyer has a right to the guarantee within the scope of the guarantee, though refuses the repair, this will be for the risk of the buyer and will be charged and buyer will still have its payment obligations toward Aimmea. When the concerned products are with Aimmea B.V. or under responsibility of Aimmea B.V. under other parties care, the products will be stored under risk and for account of customer, the customer is accountable to pay for all storage- and stocking costs to Aimmea.
14.10 The buyer preserves all legal guarantee-rights, apart from that which is provided in article 12.1 till 14.10 given with reference to the by suppliers given trade guarantee.

Article 16. Suspension and Dissolution

16.1 Aimmea B.V. shall be authorized to suspend the fulfillment of the obligations under the Agreement or to dissolve
the Agreement, in the event that buyer is in default, buyer does not fulfill or does not fully fulfill his obligations
resulting from any agreement with Aimmea B.V. . Aimmea B.V. shall be authorized to dissolve the Agreement
and all other therewith related agreements, until Aimmea B.V. can be assured to  receive the payment.

16.2 In case of (application of) (provisional) suspension of payment, (request for) bankruptcy, suspension or dissolution of the
company of the buyer, all Agreements with buyer shall automatically be dissolved unless the buyer informs Aimmea
within a reasonable timeframe, with the request that Aimmea B.V. shall apply the Agreement.
In that case Aimmea B.V. is entitled to postpone the execution of the Agreement until the moment Aimmea
is assured that the buyer fulfills his obligations.

16.3 The point stated in Articles 16.1 and 16.2 do not affect the other rights of Aimmea B.V. on the basis of the law and
the Agreement.

16.4 Aimmea B.V. is entitled to, in the cases specified in Articles 16.1 and 16.2, without any obligations to pay for
damage and/or compensation and without notice or judicial intervention has been required, to fully or partially dissolve the Agreement,
by a written notification to the buyer and/or Aimmea B.V. s claims against the buyer shall be forthwith due and payable
and/or the appeal to the retention of title based on Article 10.

16.5 In case an event occurs as stated in Articles 16.1 or 16.2, all claims by Aimmea B.V. towards the buyer, related to the mentioned Agreement(s) shall be forthwith due and payable and Aimmea B.V. is entitled to recall the delivered product.
The buyer is obliged to take the necessary measures in order to enable Aimmea B.V.  to settle its rights.
Buyer will be charged for all costs related to this recall.

Article 17. Force Majeure

17.1 If Aimmea B.V. cannot fulfill its obligations caused by force majeure, Aimmea B.V. shall also be entitled to
invoke force majeure if the circumstance rendering (further) fulfillment of the obligation(s) is impossible, commences after the point
in time on which Aimmea B.V. should have fulfilled its obligation.

17.2 Throughout the duration of force majeure, parties shall be entitled to suspend their fulfillment of their obligations.
If this period last for more than four (4) weeks, either of the parties shall be entitled to dissolve the agreement, as far as it is
justified by the force majeure.

17.3 In the event of force majeure, the buyer shall not have any rights on compensation (for damages), even when
Aimmea B.V. profits by this force majeure.

17.4 Aimmea B.V. shall inform buyer as soon as possible in event of (possible) force majeure.

Artikel 18. Orders / Communication

For misunderstanding, deformity, delay or incorrect received order-data or information, as a result of the use of internet or any
other communication medium between buyer and Aimmea B.V. or between Aimmea B.V. and third parties,
insofar as it concerns the relation between buyer and Aimmea B.V. , Aimmea B.V. cannot be held responsible,
unless it is caused deliberately or on purposeby Aimmea B.V. s fault.

Article 19. Personal data

Aimmea B.V. will file the information provided by the buyer. These data will be used for the execution of the order and
will be, if relevantly required, available for third parties.
The data/information will be included in a central file of Aimmea B.V. and
will be, unless buyer specifically requested not to,
available for companies or organization within the group op Aimmea B.V. .
This information will be used to match the interests of the buyer with the products and services provided by
Aimmea B.V. .
Therefore Aimmea B.V. follows the Dutch legislation in the field of privacy.

Article 20. Obligations of the Buyer

20.1 Buyer shall see to it that Aimmea B.V. shall be provided in due time with all data which Aimmea
has said to be necessary or which the buyer must in all reasonableness understand to be necessary to the execution of
the Agreement.
Buyer is responsible for the correctness of the provided data.

20.2 In case that the required data, necessary for the execution of the Agreement, is not provided in time or not in available in accordance with the Agreement, or if the buyer otherwise does not fulfill his obligations, Aimmea B.V. is entitled to charge
the buyer for the additional costs.

Article 21. Secrecy

Both parties shall be bound to secrecy of all confidential information they have received within the scope of their agreement
from each other or from another source. Information shall be considered to be confidential if the other party has indicated so or if
the confidential character results from the nature of the information.
Information provided by the buyer shall be protected as described in the Privacy Policy.

Article 22. Transfer of Rights and Obligations

22.1 Aimmea B.V. is entitled transfer the rights and obligations, as mentioned in any Agreement, to third parties.
In the case Aimmea B.V. transfers its obligations towards third parties; the buyer will be, if possible,
informed prior to this action.
The buyer will be entitled to dissolve the Agreement starting from the date of transfer.
Aimmea B.V. cannot be held to pay any compensation for damage.

22.2 Buyer is not entitled to transfer his own rights and/or obligations, related to any Agreement, to third parties, unless
Aimmea B.V. has given a written permission to do so.

Article 23 Intellectual Property and Copyrights

23.1 The copyright and all other rights of intellectual and industrial property on all products manufactured by Aimmea B.V. ,
to be delivered to the buyer or in any way to be placed in one’s disposal, can be held exclusively by Aimmea
or its suppliers and the buyer obtains therewith the rights of use explicitly related with these Conditions, unless Aimmea
agreed upon otherwise in writing.

23.2 Buyer shall not be allowed to introduce changes to the goods, materials, packaging, brand- name, trademark etc. provided by Aimmea B.V. , or to remove and/or change and/or imitate any of the under copyright protected subjects
(such as brand names etc.)

23.3 Aimmea B.V. declares that the products provided do not infringe the intellectual property and copyrights of third
parties applied in the Netherlands.
In the event of a claim by third parties related to infringement of such rights,  Aimmea B.V. can replace or change the
product as necessary, or fully or partly dissolve the Agreement.
The buyer only has the right to dissolve the Agreement as far as maintenance of the Agreement cannot reasonably be demanded.

23.4 Buyer will notify Aimmea B.V. immediately of any claim by third parties in respect of infringement of intellectual
property and copyrights related to the products and/or services.
In the event of such a claim only Aimmea B.V. is qualified – also on behalf of the buyer – to defend itself against the legal actions that those third parties will take, either to arrange settlement of a claim.
Buyer will not take any of such actions, as far as that can reasonably be required.
In any case Aimmea B.V. will collobarate.

Article 24. Miscellaneous

24.1 If the buyer provides Aimmea B.V. with an address, Aimmea B.V. is entitled to send all orders to that address, unless the buyer indicates in writing to another address to which the orders should be sent and this is confirmed
by Aimmea B.V. .

24.2 When Aimmea B.V. permits, during short or long term, silent deviations from these conditions, it does not affect the
right that Aimmea B.V. has to require strict observing of these conditions.

24.3 The buyer can never assert rights based on the fact that Aimmea B.V. flexibly applies these conditions.

24.4 If one or more of the definitions of these conditions or any other agreement with Aimmea B.V. may be in violation
with any applicable legal regulation, the regulation will lapse and will be replaced by Aimmea B.V. by a respected and
to be determined similar regulation.

24.5 If and in so far required for the proper execution of the agreement, Aimmea B.V. shall have the right to have certain
work done by third parties.
Aimmea B.V. shall not be liable for these services or products provided by third parties.


Article 25. Applicable law, Competent Court

25.1 Dutch law shall apply to each and every agreement between Aimmea B.V. and buyer.
The Vienna Sales Convention shall be explicitly excluded.

25.2 All disputes related to this agreement will be settled by the competent court in Amsterdam.

25.3 Aimmea B.V. is always entitled to change the general sales-, supply- and payment conditions.

25.4 The Dutch version of these general terms and conditions prevails at all time in case of disputes with regard to the
interpretation and purpose of these terms and conditions.

13.3 If and only if the buyer meets these above mentioned requirements, Aimmea B.V. will do the necessary adjustment work free of charge. Warranty claims only contain adjusting or repairing of earlier done adjustment work.

13.4 The guarantee mentioned shall not apply when:

    • The buyer did not follow the washing instructions.
    • The clothing or materials are not pinned of by an employee of Aimmea B.V. .
    • The buyer did not try the clothing and/or did not examine the materials at time of delivery/pick-up, either reported visible
      shortcoming to Aimmea B.V. within 24 hours after the receiving the products.