Size inclusive


Our motto is that our clothing is for all ages and body shapes, and that’s not just marketing copy.

Aimmea is truly “size inclusive” 🖤 It always has been, and always will be.

But why is this important to us ? The 2 main reasons why we will briefly explain here for you


1. What does it mean; ‘plus size’

We don’t like the term “plus size,” in fact, we don’t even know exactly what it means. Is there also a “minus size”? Well, we know what it means obviously, but we sure don’t support it! For that matter, who decides what is plus size and what is not?

The average woman is a EU size 42 and in the fashion world this is called “plus size” . But when you look around you see more women with size 42 or 44 than with size 36. So what is this about? It is outdated, to say the least, and we do not participate in it.

Incidentally, that is also the reason we have our own sizing system 😉


2. 1 store for all clothing

We don’t want to dismiss brick-and-mortar stores because who doesn’t love a day of shopping with girlfriends in one of our country’s many quaint cities and towns. But where can all of you (your thin friend, your full friend and perhaps your tall friend) enjoy shopping in the same store (street)? In most shopping locations you can find a “plus size” store somewhere (here we go again…) but then not all your girlfriends can shop along nicely.

We may not have a brick-and-mortar store (although we are working hard on that ) but we do want everyone who loves our style to come to us. This is not yet the case with all designs by the way, because if you are very petite (short and small size) then you have – for now – a little less choice with us. By the way, this is for the same reason that we also do not have a physical store (yet), as we are still a very young company. However, our ambition is huge, so keep an eye on us!


Photo shoot

Our motto “size inclusive” for the two street photo shoots we did in Amsterdam in early August came out particularly well with our two new models Angela and Warda.

They practically wear the same outfits in every photo showing that you will always look great in our designs, regardless of your age or body shape ✨

Of course, though, you have to like distinct, especially black clothes 😅 You can’t come to us for floral dresses and bright colors.

Below is a first impression of these shoots, there will be many more photos to come that we will also share on Instagram and Facebook!

Thanks for reading!


Team Aimmea


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