Jun 19

Why we don’t have sales

I have written a blog post about this subject before, still on our old website. Somehow it got lost. So here it is again. In new wordings, as I feel the need to write about it again. Because for one, Aimmea is heading straight into the direction I had in mind for a long time, more about that later, but also because I get asked about it.

So why do we not have sales? First of all it’s because it just isn’t right. Just imagine, if you buy something for 70% why ever pay the full price? And secondly, which is the key here, how do they do it? I do not like preaching at all. But I cannot write about this subject and not mention what I think is wrong with today’s fashion industry. Bad working condition, child labour and pad pay. Which is why these companies can sell at such crazy discounts. They don’t pay fairly.

Which brings me to another reason why we don’t have sales. It’s because we can’t. We pay the full price for everything involved in making an Aimmea outfit. Quality fabrics and an honest paycheck being the most important. But also because as a SME (Small – Medium sized Enterprise) you pay full price for shipping and packaging and everything else involved in making clothes. This leaves very little margin. We do spoil our VIPs whenever we can. with a reasonable discount. Usually with a 20%, never exceeding 50%.

Mid season sale, end of season sale, beginning of season sale?

In Belgium the government still controls when sales are allowed. Which is, in this case, a good thing. Government control. But what is next for us? Pre-season sales? Don’t tell me this is a thing already . Things are running out of hand. Companies don’t know how to get you to buy more things you do not need. Purposely bad quality fabrics for instance. And sales make you buy things that you don’t need. Just think of how often you bought something in a sale that you actually never wore? I used to do it for one.

The direction for Aimmea

Aimmea, 100% made in Europe from European materials. We are not completely there yet, but we are very close. One of the new things we are doing is for instance working closely with local tailors. Keeping the pay local. Buying local (European) fabrics and using European manufacturers. Soon (July) you will be able to buy a piece of clothing that is made by a lovely women called Simone who works just outside Amsterdam in her own atelier. I value that. I do hope you do too.

I do not want Aimmea to be part of crazy consumerism. I much rather have you buy 1 item of Aimmea and treasure it, wearing it time and time again. And when you do, you know someone has made an honest pay. Simone and I will be happy when you buy her t-shirt. And you will be too. But that is only possible for a certain price.

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